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Our goal is to deliver not just one first page ranking, but multiple! We want your business to “own” the competition, and intercept all the searches for your niche, if you aren’t ready for a full campaign check out our SEO Marketplace for ala carte SEO Services!

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Whether you need website tweaks, or a full blown makeover, we have you covered. Badger SEO can set up up with an updated, mobile friendly website.



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We don’t just do SEO. We can help you build your brand over numerous platforms, give you the opportunity to connect with customers through multiple channels.



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Results Driven Milwaukee SEO Company

Hello, thanks for checking out our Milwaukee SEO company page!  Badger SEO would love to help you generate more traffic, business, and revenue by getting you top rankings in Google.

Our Milwaukee SEO services are a great way to get your website found in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  If you have a local business in Milwaukee you know that you need to have your website found by your clients, patients, and leads.  But, your not sure how to actually do that. This is what our business does. We work with clients to help build up their websites’ strength.  There are many claimed website designers out there, but with the attitude, “if we build it they will come”. Meaning, they don’ t look at getting your site traffic or found by the search engines.

That is the wrong way to go about things. You can build it and they will come if you build it with traffic and leads in mind. We want your clients to find your site in the search engines for keyword searches that will result in phone calls for your business. This can mean things like if you’re a plumber in Milwaukee, we want to see your website come up when we search plumber in Milwaukee, not someone in Michigan.  The algorithms get changed by the search engines to make this better and better.

However, you still need to have work done to get found. This is something that takes talent and the know how.  Working with local, national and e-commerce clients. We have this skill and are happy to work with your site to get it ranking and getting your customers.

Get Your Business a New Life ..

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SEO Milwaukee WI

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, getting your site found and ranked high in the search engines.  We work with clients all over the United States for local terms like plumber, roofing, accountant, landscaping, lawyer and many more.  We are a Milwaukee SEO company that can work with you here in Milwaukee or any of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Just because we are not located in Milwaukee doesn’t mean we can’t work with you in your town.  As a Milwaukee SEO Company, we understand Milwaukee and the surrounding area as this is where we are from. This gives us a bit of an advantage over other SEO companies in Wisconsin.  We know the culture and what areas are best suited for your particular needs.

Some SEO Faqs

What to Expect From a Milwaukee SEO Agency?

We are a very honest group that works with our clients as if they were family.  Looking to get your business to succeed in the world of online services and products?  We are here for you. We meet with you to go over what you’d like to see from us. Often times we need to take a look at what is going on in the SEO side of things.  There are many tools and software out there that help us do that. Some of these tools are even free for you to use and check on our work, but we are happy to show monthly reports upon request.

Working with the right tools and knowledge can give us an edge on how to go about getting desired results.  Once we go over things we are happy to discuss some of the options. Depending on the budget and size of your site, will determine how fast this may go. If the site is a larg300-page national site, you should understand that ranking is going to take more time than that of a 5-page local site.  Yes, some SEO is just common sense. Trying to rank 300 pages is going to take more resources and effort than a small site with a small demographic.

Why Shouldn’t You Do Your Own SEO?

Knowing and understanding SEO is something that is a full-time job.  You have a job, your trade, skill, product, etc. You won’t have time to do all the SEO services as well.  

SEO takes time to learn, implement and understand. Not to mention the costs of all the tools used in the industry and understanding these tools.  This isn’t something you can just do with a keyboard and computer. In fact, when most business owners try they make things worse.

There are checks and balances that need to be in place.  Content on the site that needs to be written in just the right manner, citations, backlinks and backlink profiling that needs to be done. There is a road map on how to do this and when to do this as well.  Everything is balance. You don’t want to do something too soon that could hurt your site’s chances.

We are transparent.  Should you at any time wonder what we have been doing, we are happy to show you with various tools and metrics.  We want you to know this isn’t some sort of magic trick but carefully planned out event that has been proven to work and we just duplicate the method to each site we work with.  

Getting to understand what your business is about is also something we personally enjoy. Everyone’s business story is different and it should be shared to your clients as well. Let them know how many years or what your achievements are in the bio of your social profiles. Connecting with your clients is something that makes them feel like they can trust you.

Why Use SEO?

There is no bigger factor in ranking a website in Google than Search Engine Optimization.  By not being visible and ranking high in Google, you are essentially handling money off directly to your competitors.

In order for your website to rank high in the search engines, it must be optimized, both on the page and off the page.  A well-optimized site ultimately brings more revenue to your business, because your content and products will become more visible, and popular among people searching for what you have to offer.

Hiring an expert SEO will save you time.  The algorithms Google employs to determine how a website will rank can be difficult to understand.  Josh at Badger SEO will personally look at your content, and come back with a solution that best fits your unique needs.

A good SEO will arrange the content on your site after performing detailed keyword research.  Taking it even farther, a close look will be taken at other related keyword searches your competition is targeting, and aligning them with your content.  The end result of these actions will be a more engaging website, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Another benefit of hiring a Milwaukee SEO expert is the consultations.  To achieve the best possible results, you will want to work closely with the person in charge of your SEO project to ensure that he or she knows the exact audience you are trying to reach.

A clear understanding of who you are trying to reach will allow this person to mine for the keywords that can bring more traffic to your website, thus increasing exposure to your products and services, and therefore revenue to your business.

Your website is your online representation of your business to the world.  You can have the most visually appealing website, but it does you NO GOOD if no one can find it unless they already know where to go!  SEO services can guide real people that are searching for things relative to your business right to you, and that is the ultimate goal.


By hiring a quality SEO expert in Milwaukee, you will achieve a cost-effective way to increase your ROI.  A lot of businesses waste thousands of dollars (often times more) in paid advertising in hopes that someone will find them by clicking on a banner ad.  People ARE actively searching for the products and services your business offers, and SEO will help align you with that audience.

If you are operating on a shoestring budget, you could consider having your SEO performed on a contract basis.  While it is always good to get your entire site optimized and ranking, there is nothing that says you cannot optimize pages in intervals.  This can help keep the upfront costs lower and is something to consider if you cannot afford to take on your entire site at one time.

Working With The Right Milwaukee SEO Company

SEO is not a fast way to get traffic.  Should you need some traffic now, things like social media and paid advertising work very well and are effective short-term marketing strategies.  

Our Milwaukee SEO services will work with you to get you up and running quickly with paid advertising if that’s so what you’d like to do.

This can help bring in some much-needed traffic almost instantly. By doing this, you are buying time for your SEO efforts to pay off. Eventually, the leads will come straight from your website.  

And, you may want to continue using our services for the paid ads as well as ranking for more SEO terms. Whatever your business needs are, we can help get your phone ringing.

Need a Milwaukee WI SEO Agency To Get You Ranked?

We are proud to be your SEO Milwaukee WI Agency and happy to help you in any step we can.  We work with clients in all different industries and understand that social media for one industry may not work as well for another agency.  Let us sit down with you and go over your goals, plans, and wishes. We are happy to listen and understand the goal and your SEO desires.

Consider this.  You probably found this website by searching google for a Milwaukee SEO company, or some variation of that keyword phrase.  Ranking for keywords like this is hard because many other search engine optimization specialists are taking aim at them as well.  If we can get these rankings for this website, imagine what we could do for your business!

Badger SEO is a top rated Milwaukee SEO company and will work with you hand in hand to ensure your goals are laid out clearly, so a winning plan can be put into place right away.

Our Milwaukee SEO Services at a Glance

When you begin your search for a qualified SEO company in the greater Milwaukee area you will find many sites claiming they can deliver great results.  Truth be told, there are probably only a handful of qualified search engine marketing companies in the area I would recommend, and most of the others do not have the skills and knowledge to help your business dominate your competition.  So what sets Badger SEO apart?

At Badger SEO, we can help you maximize your exposure, and get your business multiple page 1 rankings.  Our techniques are cutting edge, and we are part of the #1 SEO training community for local business in the entire world.  The cost of being part of that community is not cheap, but the tactics and strategies learned there set us apart from most other SEO companies in the business, making it very worthwhile for us and our clients.

When you make the decision to work with Badger SEO you can count on:

●  Respect & integrity
●  Communication from start to finish
●  A strong presence in your niche in the maps and organic listings
●  Long lasting white hat results
●  And more …

There are many benefits of hiring a search engine optimization company to help your business.  One thing every business owners wants is more paying customers, and driving traffic to your website is a great way to do just that.  Our Milwaukee SEO services will set you up with everything you need to start generating traffic to your website via search engines.

We understand that as a business owner, your time is limited.  For your business to flourish, you need to be focused on your business, not all of the complex aspects of SEO.  Let our services do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can run your business and feel good knowing that in the meantime your website traffic and sales are about to increase.  If that is not enough for you to contact us, here are a few others:

Cost Effective
  • Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate business and leads online.  Chances are you have been sprinkling money around various different online marketing methods, and have gotten little to no results.  You can keep doing that, or you can go with a proven method that can bring you leads for years to come.  Unlike other marketing strategies online like PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO can keep working for you long after you have paid for it. 
  • Once you allow an SEO campaign from Badger SEO to run its course, you will have a strong site that Google will reward with great rankings for a long time, whereas with PPC once you stop paying the traffic stops, and your site has no long term benefits to show for the money spent.
Direct Results
  • You can count on our Milwaukee SEO services to deliver positive results to your business.  We accomplish this by using the most current and powerful strategies that will increase traffic and exposure to your website.
Establish Brand Credibility
  • Most SEO’s go about SEO all wrong right from the start.  Badger SEO will set out to secure your brand online so when someone searches for your company they will be sure to find YOU, not a competitor.  Our SEO services in Milwaukee will also enhance your brand credibility by helping your business appear on the first page of search engine results. 
  • Consumers have been conditioned to believe that the first few results for a given search query are the top online brands, and we will ensure that you are there when they search!
Help Your Website Stand Out
  • There are hundreds of thousands of websites being added to the internet on a daily basis, but only a few of them are built and set up with search engine optimization in mind.  SEO is a great way to help your unique website stand out from your competition, and without that, it will make organic traffic nearly impossible to get. 
  • Our Milwaukee SEO strategies will ensure that everything on your website is dialed in so you will never be lost in the sea of other websites.
Long Term Results
  • Our expertise in the field will ensure that your website is in good health and performs for you for a long time.  Unlike other methods of online marketing, where the traffic stops when you stop paying, our SEO will bring you traffic and top rankings long after we are through.  Your site will be an authority site in your niche and will be rewarded with great performance and results.

What We Do

Hopefully, you now see how we can help your business stand out from the competition.  You can get a free analysis of your current situation online by taking a few short minutes to set up a call.

There are so many benefits to having our Milwaukee SEO company optimize your website.  Make the right choice, and contact us today to get started.  

Best of luck.   We hope to hear from you soon!

Increase Awareness

Our top priority is to give your business the exposure you deserve, which will allow you to become a top player in your niche!

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We will help to increase your website visibility/online presence which will ultimately drive more customers to your website, and increasing your sales.

Increase Revenue

We will help to increase your website visibility/online presence which will ultimately drive more customers to your website, and increasing your sales.

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Our free SEO report card will let you know how your site performs. In a matter of seconds, you can get a full view the details that are helping and hurting your sites performance in the search engines. This free report takes out all of the guess work, and provides business owners with a fast and comprehensive overview of potential issues that are effecting your SEO.


Josh was able to help us go from having absolutely no presence online to having a strong presence. Not only did he redo our entire website, but he optimized it and got it ranking in top spots for so many different searches that were highly relative to our business. He was available, and very easy to work with throughout the entire process.


President, Ingersoll Lighting, LLC

As a solo legal practitioner, I came to the conclusion that my historical reliance upon print advertising was ill-considered in this day and age of electronic sophistication. Therefore I turned to Josh Parker of Badger SEO to pull me into the 21st Century in terms of my marketing needs. I contacted with Josh for several search engine optimization projects as well as the development of a mobile device-friendly website. In all of his endeavors, I found him to be personable, polite, professional and punctual in doing what he promised to accomplish. Although there perhaps there is no definitive way to measure SEO success, I have every reason to believe that Josh’s advice has helped my practice and that anyone in my situation can place their trust in Mr. Parker that he will do his best to ensure that one’s business or profession optimally promoted. As far as I am concerned, you can’t go wrong with Badger SEO and I plan to contunue my professional relationship with them for the foreseeable future. Since I am convinced that expertise of Josh Parker will directly impact and greatly benefit my legal practice.

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