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Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Illinois SEO services page.  Badger SEO is a premier SEO agency based out of Lake Geneva Wisconsin, abut offers SEO services to the state of Illinois as well as Wisconsin.

Click on the City below to find the nearest area to you, then go from there.  If you do not see your city below, you can always contact us or visit the Discovery Page to get started.

Why Choose SEO Marketing?

You are here reading this page because you know that not being found online is hurting your business.  The days of YellowPages and phone books are gone, and to flourish and generate new customers you need to have an online presence.  If you are not being found for searches related to your business, you are essentially handing money directly to your competition.

Our Illinois SEO services can absolutely help you create a very strong presence in your niche, and help your business grow it’s client base by positioning your website and other online properties directly in front of people that are searching for your services.

Before going out and just hiring anyone to handle your SEO project, look for at least these 2 things before signing the check:

  1. See their rankings.  Yes, if they are good at what they do they will be able to show you some sort of rankings someone in a search engine that proves they are legit.
  2. References.  Most people that are in SEO make a lot of connections, and most times can and will get reference or testimonials from previous clients, or people they have worked with in the industry.  Searching places like LinkedIn and Yelp are good ideas to confirm legitimacy.

If you can find someone that meets those criteria, you can at least move forward knowing what you are getting into.  IN most cases, if someone can’t produce any of the above, he or she has little to no previous experience rankings website, videos, and social properties.

Badger SEO can help you enhance your presence online by using cutting edge, long lasting SEO techniques.  Our strategies are custom and unique to each company because no 2 SEO projects are the same.  There are many different factors that go into ranking, and each case is different.

The best way to get started, and for us to create a custom plan for your business is for you to take 5 minutes to visit our Discovery Page, and fill out the information there.  After we review that information, we will create a video report for your business and e mail it out to you.

Feel free to contact us any time with questions.

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