website blogBusiness owners often wonder if adding a blog to their business website is a good idea, and/or can it help with SEO?  In this short post I am going to address this head on, and explain why having a blog with posts related to your business IS a good idea.

There are a lot of reason why adding a blog to your site is a fantastic idea.  For one, Google loves fresh content.  You don’t need to write til your fingers bleed, but if you post consistently, even once a week Google will start to take notice.

What happens (behind the scenes) is, Google will start to notice all of the niche related content your site is adding.  This will do wonders for your site because it will build a certain level of trust in Google, and also make them believe your site is an authority in that niche.

You are probably thinking, why does it matter if Google views my site as an authority, right?  Well, having a site that Google likes, and sees as an authority will make it easier for you to attain good rankings.  Sometimes, good on page SEO and domain authority is all you need to get high rankings!  This is not always the case, but in some cases it is, and if the content can help your site look better in the eyes of Google, and rank better with less off page work then it is a win-win!  However, in the cases that require Jedi SEO skills, you always want to make sure you contact Josh at Badger SEO to help you reach the top!  🙂  A shameless plug never hurt anyone, right??

Building authority, and attaining good rankings easier are all wonderful things, but there is more!

One of the factors in the algorithm Google uses to rank websites is something called bounce rate.  A bounce happens when someone visits your website, then without clicking on anything or visiting another page, they leave your site.  Big G hates when sites have a high bounce rate.  They hate this because it tells them that your site is not relevant to the search, because if it were people would be sticking around longer, and checking other pages on your website.  Makes sense, right?

Adding a blog to your website can help lower your bounce rate, especially if you are providing valuable information to your visitors.  For example:

Let’s just say you are a plumber, and your plumbing site has a blog that has a bunch of quality, unique articles written that help people with everyday DIY plumbing fixes, things that can help people with the little things that might not require your professional help.  Google will absolutely love your site for this, and the more you have on your site the more they will love you, because most likely your visitors will like you, and their ultimate goal is to deliver good, relevant results to people’s searches.

So you see, there are a few really good reasons above why you should absolutely consider adding a blog to your business website.  The more value and quality content you can bring to the table, the more Google will think your site is a great resource for people searching for the services you provide.

Adding a Blog in WordPress

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, adding a blog is very simple.  Here are the steps to make that happen:

  1. Create a new page a call it Blog
  2. Then in your WP dashboard, go to Settings ==> Reading.  In there you will select Blog in the drop down from Posts Page.
  3. Simply add the Blog page to your navigation, and all of the posts you create will now be on your blog!  Visit to see an example.  There you will see all of the individual posts I am creating.  Yours will show up on your blog page that YOU create.

Here are a few pictures illustrating those maneuvers.



Wallah, you did it!  Presto chango!  Done deal!  However you want to say it, you just created a blog page on your WordPress website!  It really is that simple, and as I discussed it can really help your website out!

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