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seo burlington wiAre you searching Google for things like Burlington WI SEO professional?  If so, you are in luck, because Badger SEO is here to help you take your business website to the top of Google!

Since you are reading this page, you must realize that your presence online is not what it needs to be.  By now, you probably know that when a potential customer searches on their phone, tablet, or computer for products and/or services you offer, they are finding your competition, not you.  By not being there, you are essentially handing money directly to your competition.  This is a hard realization, but the good news is you can do something about it!

Why Choose SEO Marketing?

I could go on and on about why SEO is a better marketing choice than PPC, or other forms of marketing.  Before I do, let me ask you this; did you find me by doing a Google search or did you use the phone book?  I know the answer, only because I don’t advertise there, but I wanted it to click in your head, so you can realize that phone books are dead.  Smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are where people are going to find what they need, and if you are not there when they search, you are losing a potential customer to the competition right then and there.  You might offer better products or services, but there is no way for that person to know, so they just go with whoever is there.

Aside from that, SEO trumps PPC, and I can say that with the utmost confidence.  The reason why is Google provides tons of information to us about where people click.  They give detailed click heat maps that show time and time again that people continue to click on organic and maps listings over paid ads, and it really isn’t even close.  Check out the image below to see real life answers as to why SEO beats PPC, then we will move on.

seo vs ppc

There you have it.  I did not want to make this entire page about this topic, but felt I should nip it in the bud before proceeding.

So you are still here reading this.  You are still looking for a Burlington SEO company to help you take your presence online to a whole new level, and we can help.

What Can Badger SEO Do For You?

Great question, and that is really the nuts and bolts of everything you are reading.  How can Badger SEO help your business enhance their presence online?

Well for starters, you found us by doing a Google search.  That alone should tell you that we know how to position our website in front of people looking for the services we offer.  SEO is a complicated game.  The days of blackhat SEO are gone, and your best bet going forward is to get help from a Burlington SEO professional that can get you the rankings you want and deserve, and do so the right way.  While the wrong way can get you some fast rankings, they will not last, and once your site is marked by Google, it is very hard (and expensive) to bring it back.

What we do is get everything on your site and off your site optimized to perfection.  SEO rankings are be based on the on page and off page factors, and if you nail both you can count on getting your site ranked high.  By doing things the right way, you can not only count on getting your website ranked, you can count on seeing multiple Page 1 listings with site like YouTube, Yelp, Manta as well as your Google My Business page.  When that happens, it is called domination!  Check out the image below for an example of what that looks like (Note – This is a new website and will continue to rise).

page 1 domination for a local search

Do multiple page 1 rankings sound good to you?  Do you think your business could benefit from being plastered all over page 1 for searches related to your business?  If so, I STRONGLY suggest you visit our Discovery Page and take a few minutes to fill out the information on that page.

Just like a doctor needs to examine you before prescribing medication or a treatment plan, we need to conduct an examination of our own.  We will see what the current state of your website is, along with the niche you are trying to get ranked in and come up with a custom plan for making that happen.  No 2 SEO projects are the same, so the information on the Discovery Page is crucial for us to get started.  Cookie cutter SEO plans do not work.  It’s like asking a doctor to fix you before he or she even knows what is wrong.

Visit our Discovery Page here ===> https://badgerseo.com/discovery-page/

Thank you for taking the time to read the information on this page.  We provide cutting edge SEO services for Burlington Wisconsin, and all of the surrounding towns/areas.  We would love to discuss your project, so either visit the Discovery Page now, or feel free to contact us any time if you have questions.

Check out the testimonial at the bottom of the page to see what local business owner Todd Ingersoll had to say about working with us.  You can read many other testimonials of our work on LinkedIn.


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Josh was able to help us go from having absolutely no presence online to having a strong presence.  Not only did he redo our entire website, but he optimized it and got it ranking in top spots for so many different searches that were highly relative to our business.  He was available, and very easy to work with throughout the entire process.

Todd Ingersoll

President, Ingersoll & Co.

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