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Affordable Lake Geneva Web Design

our lake geneva wi web design servicesHey there, thanks for stopping by and checking out our Lake Geneva web design page.  Badger SEO is undoubtedly the #1 Search Engine Optimization company in the area.  When it comes to ranking your businesses website and maps listing, we will get you dominating the competition, however, in the interest of transparency we will not stake the same claim when it comes to web design.

If you think this site stinks, or is not in the scope of the project you have in mind then unfortunately we will probably not be the best fit for working together.  However, if you think this website looks fine, then web design is a service that we can absolutely provide for you, and at an affordable cost.

We always say, what good is it having a $3000 website if no one can find it?  Badger SEO does not specialize in web design, but can provide you with a SEO friendly, functional website (like this one) that performs well for you in the search engines, and looks great too.  Our web design services range from $300 to $750 depending on the number of pages, so you can get going online without breaking the bank.

We can guarantee a few things when it comes to our web design services, they are:

  • Site will be set up by an SEO professional
  • Site will load fast (major ranking signal)
  • Site will be mobile friendly (crucial in many ways)
  • Site will look great for the money invested
  • Customer satisfaction (a must, as a local business owner in the area)

As we mention above, our specialty is SEO, it is our business. But we know all to well that most web design companies have little to no valuable knowledge when it comes to search engine optimization, but they will gladly sell you on it anyway.  Never buy these types of services without seeing proof, and by proof I mean seeing someone actually ranking top 5 in Google and in the maps.  If they can’t prove it, walk away.

We have learned from the best, and spent 10’s of thousands of dollars to do so.  When setting up your website, we will see to it that your on page optimization is dead on nuts, which will give you a great chance of attaining quality rankings right out of the gates.  Our success comes when you are happy with the work we have done.

There you have it folks.  Badger SEO wants to work with you if you have read this much and think we can help.  We don’t tout ourselves as the best web designers in the area, but we are not going to charge you $2000 or more for a website that doesn’t rank for anything that brings new customers to your door.  We feel the value we can provide you with is attractive because it allows you to get a site online for a reasonable price that will be set up in a way that the search engines reward.

Feel free to contact us any time if you would like to discuss our Lake Geneva website design capabilities.